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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trophy shop delivers the AQUA!

I tasked my son - whoops, I mean my trophy maker, with the impossible: design an award that combines a trophy look with quackery and the Oscar from the Academy Awards. I think he did an awesome job and he came in within budget, too (which was $0.00). I was originally thinking of an aqua-colored patent medicine bottle for the middle of the trophy, but his choice of the famous cobalt skull poison is, of course, perfect, because it has so much in common with the AQUA winners. So there you have it. Every future AQUA winner will be announced with the AQUA trophy graphic in the blog entry. There's another winner looming on the horizon, but I won't be revealing it until sometime next week. Right now I'm not feeling too well and my healer wife is visiting her family back in New England, so I'm on my own to cure myself. I'm thinking dark chocolate.

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