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Friday, November 13, 2009

Going Postal over Health Care

I'm going to post a new blog entry right after this one that will be the normal sort of fare I've been offering you (so please be patient with me), but I just want to take a moment to make a quick observation:
If the United States is going to have its health care services run by the same yahoos running our Post Office, we're gonna have a lot of sick, angry people in this country!
As you can probably tell, I just spent an hour and ten minutes in a line at the post office today to get to do three minutes worth of business. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Now I know where and why terrorist cells get started!!

Okay, I feel better and will behave again. We return you to our regularly scheduled program ...


  1. Hey that reminds me of the last time I went to the doctor’s office. I had an appointment made for a fixed time and STILL waited in the office for an hour and a half. I’ve never had an appointment at the Post Office and have usually had to wait in line; however I have never been in line more than 10 minutes.
    It seems to me that in this country we wait in line at both the “public” Post Office and the “private” Doctors Office. The key difference is the price we pay and the service we receive. We pay nearly twice as much as any industrialized country for our health care and receive no better outcomes. We pay less than any other industrial country for postage and have delivery outcomes that are among the best in the world.

  2. It appears that you're going to the wrong doctor's office and I'm going to the wrong post office! For the record, I think the postal clerks are the heroes in the trenches, maligned only because they're the one's we see. The postal service seems broken and in need of fixing. Like the postal system, I believe there are many heroes in the trenches among doctors and nurses and medical office staffs out there, but the health care system in this country is also broken. Everyone seems to agree that both the Post Office and U.S. health care have major problems, but we sure are struggling to get them fixed. One more thing - I disagree with your assessment that we get no better outcomes with U.S. health care than any other industrial country provides; I think that overall, U.S. health care is the best in the world. How often do people from foreign countries come here for their surgical and medical care? and how often do we hear about U.S. citizens going to Canada or France or England for theirs?


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